New Review for Defiance

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Thanks to USA bestselling author, Heather Moore, for the stellar review:

“I loved GG Vandagriff’s THE LAST WALTZ, the novel that started this wonderful historical series. DEFIANCE brings back favorite characters, Amalia and her sons, as they live in London, with WWII starting to rage in the surrounding countries. True to Vandagriff’s form, the historical details are rich and vibrant, the political intrigue fascinating, and the characters breathe life into every event. I’ve read a half-dozen WWII novels this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed this viewpoint of the war seen from London’s stratagem. It never ceases to amaze me the havoc Hitler created and the lives that were put into jeopardy or were lost through the terrible world wars. Vandagriff brings an essential humanism to the era and helps her readers to never forget the past. A wonderful tribute to the brave men and women who went before us. As always, Vandagriff’s characters are multi-faceted, full of integrity, and steeped in valor even when faced with difficult tragedies and choices. Readers will come away inspired and grateful.”