New Regency

I am loving working on my tenth Regency romance. It includes some characters from past books: Lady Clarice and Miss Sukey (owner of the tortoise, Henry Five), as well as the Duke of Ruisdell and his wife, Elise. The heroine of this book, Miss Penelope Swinton is Elise’s cousin from Northamptonshire come to London to make her debut. She is in trouble before she can even attend her first ball as she witnesses an event she was never meant to see. Tentative title: The Problem of Penelope.

Lord John’s Dilemma will be out on Audible very soon. It is now in review. My actor/reader is now recording The Last Waltz and doing a marvelous job, which I am very excited about. It is wonderful to listen as something I worked on for so many years comes to life.

Be certain to get your free novella, Lord Basingstoke’s Downfall, by going to that window on this website. It is the third installment in The Grenville Chronicles.