New Book Release! Murder at Tregowyn Manor

I’m certain that all during the Pandemic only one thing has been on your mind—

What is Catherine up to back in 1935?

Now she’s gone on an archaeological dig in Cornwall, and, of course, there is a dead body in the picture.

Forget the washing, zoom school, sheltering in place, wearing a mask, ordering groceries over the internet!

All you need to do is to order this third book in the Catherine Tregowyn series, sit in your favorite reading chair, and take a trip to Cornwall.

I promise the corpse isn’t bloody.

Another 1930’s vintage Golden Age Murder Mystery!


Winter of 1935 finds Oxford archaeologist

, Sonny Nichols, under arrest for the theft of a priceless Roman relic from a dig in Cornwall. Catherine Tregowyn and her sleuthing partners Harry and Dot go to his aid. Almost immediately an anonymous telegram threatens Catherine’s life. It seems Dot’s cousin has involved himself in something deadly.


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, the trio motor down to the dig in Cornwall which is on Catherine’s estranged father’s estate. Shortly after their arrival

, someone viciously attacks Catherine, nearly killing her. The next morning, one of the archaeologists is missing, and more artifacts have been stolen. The attacker is clearly desperate. Is this only simple greed or are there other

When murder intervenes, Catherine, Harry, and Dot must dig deeper. Is the murderer the charismatic student who has forsaken his aristocratic birthright? Or the misanthropic and penniless professor who seeks to advance his career? Could it be the charming and glib young Irish peer who loves Greek dancing or the ruthless student who needs to reverse his family’s fortunes?

When the truth finally comes out it is on a scale none of them could possibly have imagined.

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