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August, 2016


I am pleased to announce the publication of Her Fateful Debutmy first Regency romance in over a year! It is on sale for one week at the introductory price of $.99! 

Beautiful Miss Penelope Swinton wants to live out her life as a spinster in her beloved Northamptonshire, but with an ailing father and an entailed estate, she must come to London and find an acceptable husband. If she must marry, she is determined to marry for love.

In a brief respite from the social whirl of the season, she retreats from the restrictions of the ton to sketch in the park and stumbles over a French spy. When Penelope finds her life in danger, Viscount Beau Wellingham steps up to protect her, however he has secrets of his own. Wellingham leads a secret life as an agent for the Foreign Office trapping spies. In defending her life, he unwittingly puts her reputation at risk.

In order to save Penelope from society’s scorn, Beau presses for a betrothal. Though she resists, he insists. Soon Beau is unable to deny the pull he feels towards her. Before he can act on his feelings, danger rises again. This time, his life is on the line.

With a desperate spy closing in, Penelope must choose the safety of what she has always known or a chance for love. But will she be too late?

Click to Buy
Click to Buy


Presently, I am working on a sequel to Debut. Both stories include interesting new characters as well as old favorites–the Duke and Duchess of Ruisdell, Lady Clarice, Miss Sukey, and Henry Five.


My two oldest grandsons


, Jack (10) and Micah (6) are competitive swimmers, so of course they have loved watching the Olympics and hearing the stories of the medal winners’ pasts. They have both started school already! Whatever happened to summer?

New granddaughter, Neve, is proving to be a very placid child. We wonder how long that will last with four active older siblings!

Buffy with Neve at One Week
Buffy with Neve at One Week

My local grandson

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, Henry (3) provided us with some interesting information lately. His father asked him if he had seen any angels. He replied “yes.” Morgan then asked what they said. He replied quite promptly, “Buongiorno!”

Henry on 3rd Birthday
Henry on 3rd Birthday


I have really enjoyed getting to know fellow-author Nichole Van, author of the House of Oak series. Her books are time-travel Regency romances!  It is wonderful to have someone close to compare notes with, particularly about all the craziness that accompanies our profession. Nichole is also an award-winning photographer and the mother of three children.

We have some tentative travel plans for next month, but nothing definite. In the meantime, we have been entertaining visiting cousins whom we haven’t seen for a long time.