G.G.’s Jottings

May, 2016



My first contemporary romance, Loving Roxie, is being released today! For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you may remember Roxie from The Only Way to Paradise (now out of print). This is Roxie’s complete story:

What keeps Roxie from finding love? Why does she always run away from potential relationships? Perhaps a trip to Florence will help her to understand her problems more clearly.

Powerfully attracted to the rakishly handsome Stefano, she takes off before their first coffee date is over. It doesn’t seem as though things have changed. But Stefano, though wary, is intrigued and determines to build a friendship with Roxie. Together they work on a historical mystery—finding the murderer of a sixteenth century princess, Isabella di Medici.

Roxie’s defenses begin to relax, but soon she and Stefano uncover disturbing parallels between Princess Isabella’s personal history and her own. Are these two distressed women somehow linked in sympathy across the centuries? Can Stefano act on his strong attraction to Roxie when her first response is to run from him and the discovery they have made?

Click to Buy
Click to Buy


My most popular Regency romance, Lord Grenville’s Choice, will be FREE on Amazon from May 22-May 24.

Currently I am working on a new Regency titled Her Fateful Debut. Readers will enjoy a new hero and heroine and will recognize old friends as well–Lady Clarice, Miss Sukey, Henry Five, and the Duke and Duchess of Ruisdell. I am expecting to release this book at the end of the summer!



Henry (21/2) is busy working dispatch for all of his emergency vehicles. His parents, Jessi and Morgan, are teaching him Italian because Jessi is hoping to teach bassoon in Tuscany this summer. They live in Provo, so we enjoy seeing them often! He especially loves to go to Black Bear Diner!


Jack (10) and Micah (5) are gearing up for swim meet season. Buffy, their mother is sincerely hoping she will not go into labor with their little sister while she is at a meet in the far reaches of California’s central valley! Natey (3) continues to broadcast his happiness in the voice of an opera tenor. Astrid (almost 2) is practicing being a big sister. Her latest trick was to “potty train” herself by sitting on the toilet, dangling her feet in the water, and playing with the toilet paper! All four children are fervent Star Wars and Dodger fans!

Modeling their Star Wars T-shirts on Star Wars Day!
Modeling their Star Wars T-shirts on Star Wars Day!


Greg has had some exciting changes in his life recently. He has an exciting new job at Vivint

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, one of the most successful high-tech companies in the Valley (beginning to be known as “Silicon Slopes”). He also has moved into a house with friends in South Provo.



Shortly, we will take off for another trip to the Utah National Parks. This time we are visiting Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef! I plan to steer clear of HumVees on this trip!

Buffy’s new daughter is due the beginning of July, so we will be visiting her family and (hopefully) managing to help out. Expect lots of fun pictures!

In the early fall we are planning another trip to the Oregon Coast. We love it there!


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