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Happy New Year!



Claim your free gift from Amazon here! Miss Braithwaite’s Secret is free today through Friday. Here is the blurb:

When Miss Caroline Braithwaite, the “Incomparable,” leaves London in the middle of the Season, she confides her reason in no one, not even her closest friend. Her sizable court of gentlemen mourn, but no one can tempt her into Society again.

Living reclusively in the country, she finally deigns to accept an invitation to her friend’s county house party. Then the Duke of Northcott arrives, fresh from a broken engagement, and none too happy to see her. Caro tries desperately to make her excuses and leave, but then her pride intervenes. Such behavior may reveal her fierce attraction toward him and the fact that it is he who has broken her heart. Deception is at hand in the form of another gentleman who is more than a little interested in her, and looks like he may not take no for an answer.

This delicious romance will carry you back to the Regency period in English history, where manners were dictated by strict rules of fashion. It is the Jane Austen era, populated by gentlemen and ladies of leisure. These books are best enjoyed with a box of chocolates, and are guaranteed to enliven any boredom (ennui) that you may be experiencing!


My current project is a set of four contemporary romances which are basically an expanded rewrite of The Only Way to Paradise. I decided I wanted to further develop my portraits and romances of the four “Crazy Ladies of Oakwood.” MacKenzie: Book One of Four Crazy Ladies in Florence is the first in the series. All of the “Crazy Ladies” are part of a therapy group who decide to forsake their therapist and go to Florence, Italy for a month. The rich and vital city of the Renaissance offers healing and perspective on their lives and loves. To get you excited, here is a cover reveal. Mac_webThe photographer is David, my husband.


My Regency Novella, Lord Basingstoke’s Downfall

, moved into the top 100 Regency Bestsellers this week!



My oldest grandson turned ten year’s old on January 19th! His two brothers and sister will have another sibling in the family in July!


To back up to Christmas we had a great Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration in California with Buffy’s family, and then celebrated with Morgan, Henry, Jessi and Greg here in Provo on Christmas Day. Henry ( 2 1/2) finally understood what was going on, and cried for hours when the Christmas tree was taken down.


We are all loving Star Wars!!! Hard to believe that in 1977 when the first movie came out I was pregnant with Morgan. He is now 38.

We are planning a visit to the Mummy exhibit in Salt Lake and have symphony tickets to hear Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto. For Valentine’s Day we will celebrate with the Utah Lyric Opera.

This year we are thinking of visiting some National Parks in Canada for our vacation.


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    Love your books! Keep writing.