G.G.’s Jottings

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G.G.’s Jottings

September, 2018


The wait is over. My second Romantic Suspense

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Sleeping Secrets, has been released to great reviews on Goodreads!

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She didn’t know her name.
She didn’t remember her childhood.
And the man who was coming to tell her was just murdered.

Paula James recently found out that her whole family had been in Witness Protection since she was nine years old. Now both her parents are dead, and she doesn’t even know why they had been hiding in the Missouri wilderness ever since she could remember.

What has blocked her memories?

The Federal Marshal who handled her case is killed before he can tell her, which means the threat is still an active one. She and her TV investigative journalist partner, David van Pelt, decide they must get to the bottom of it or Paula will never be safe.

Who is she? Should she try to reconstruct her memories with hypnosis therapy? Could she actually return to where she lived as a child without becoming a target? Who is behind the repeated attempts on her life?

David insists on being her wingman during the hazardous investigation. Soon Paula realizes he is the only one she can trust. But how can she lead the man she is coming to love into the increasing danger that surrounds her?

Her Fateful Debut is free today on Amazon!

As for work in progress

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, I am about 50 pages away from finishing my first draft of Balkan Echo, my third Romantic Suspense. It will be up for preorder soon and will come out in November.


Back to school for the grandchildren. Vika has learned to walk and prefers her ruffled pink skirt to any other piece of clothing. She will wear it over whatever else her Dad may dress her in. Don’t you love a toddler’s sense of style?
Speaking of style, Astrid (4) has started soccer, but to her that means the ultimate style statement: pink shin guards. For Astrid, soccer is hopping up and down and tackling her six-year-old brother. Natie, said six-year-old, is deep into Dodger baseball. He has a man-crush on Justin Turner (think shoulder length red hair and big bushy beard). He is planning on being Justin for Halloween.


Go Cubs! We are trying to be optimistic.