G.G.’s Jottings

January, 2018


I feel like I spent all last year writing this book, but Not an Ordinary Baronet has finally been released!

One morning, along the wild Dorset coast, Sir Bertie is bewitched by Lady Catherine Redmayne. Smugglers intervene, and soon her life is in danger. Of course, Bertie feels compelled to protect her, but initially, Catherine believes him to be the menace. It doesn’t help that she is heartbroken and the subject of a scandal.

First, Bertie must convince Catherine of his innocence, then uncover the real threat. Will she yield her injured heart to him? Several forces are at work to separate them, and, after all, he is only an ordinary baronet and she is a marquess’s daughter.

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We had a fine holiday, and hope you did, too. Here are some pictures.

Henry and Victoria






I may regret calling this fun

, but we have decided to do a redo of our kitchen. Fortunately

, we have a very competent contractor and are NOT doing it ourselves. We have lived in this house for 18 1/2 years and the kitchen is overdo for and update! Needless to say, this project will take precedence over any travel plans, except those to see family.