G.G.’s Jottings

August, 2017



I’m announcing my new release of my Regency Novella, Much Ado about Lavender! 

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When Miss Lavender Montgomery decides that her next family reader’s theater production will be Much Ado about Nothing–the classic duel of barbs between witty Beatrice and Benedick–she has no idea she is about to meet her own Benedick.

Lord Aiken Fairmont has recently come into his title after the murder of his brother on the steps of White’s. All at once it seems that Miss Lavender Montgomery (who would give a female such an outrageous name?) is appearing everywhere he goes.

Like Beatrice, Lavender has a poor opinion of the male sex, and Lord Fairmont has no time in his life for a female. Dangerous circumstances do not favor the development of a romance between these two, but when did love ever wait for an opportune time?

I really had fun writing this one! It will be released at the beginning of September.

 Lord John’s Dilemma has enjoyed a terrific resurgence. I think it is the new cover!

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It seems that July has been all about family. It was Henry’s birthday at the beginning of the month, and while he turned 4 we baked in the park in the 100 degree heat.  I don’t think he even noticed! Vika slept on my lap the entire time.

We are two thirds of the way through the visit from my daughter and her five children. These kids are growing and they eat a lot more than we do. I have run out of creative meal plans and this week we are sticking to hot dogs

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, hamburgers, and the like. They are visiting a huge variety of museums, and have been paddle boarding and swimming. Micah and Jack have been doing some creative writing.

My birthday was wonderful. My daughter and son both gave me roses and dinner out at our favorite Ruby River Steak House. Buffy also gave me a gift certificate to my favorite clothing store


, so I got to have a little shopping spree, too! It’s fun when your birthday falls in the middle of summer sales!




We are enjoying the resurgence of Cub’s baseball, after the miserable first half of their season! We are still faithful fans!  All the bats seem to be hot and the pitchers have finally regained their form. But can anyone beat the Dodgers or the Nationals?