Day Twelve–Twelve Days of Christmas–Dec 19

99 Cent Mystery

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Day Twelve

Today is the last day of this promotion! You can get my other Oxford mystery

, Of Deadly Descent, for 99 cents today. It is the sequel to Cankered Roots which was on promotion yesterday. It has its own genealogical puzzle.

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Where do You Start Looking for a Missing Ancestor without a Name with Whom You Share an Inheritance?

At their last known address—The Argonne Forest

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, France, 1919.

In their previous adventure, Alexandra Campbell and her business partner, Brighamina Poulson, discover a branch of Alex’s family that was previously unknown. Because of wicked deeds in days gone by, a soldier in World War I who should have been part of Alex’s family was lost. In fact, he was so lost, he didn’t even know his own name!

Through a series of coincidences (and we all know there are no coincidences in genealogy!) they track their man from France to Oxford, and even give him a name. However, upon their arrival in Oxford, before they even contact the man’s descendants, a member of the family is pushed under a bus right before their eyes! It soon becomes evident that the death was connected to the coming legacy. Who knew they were coming to Oxford with news of a fortune? What role does the mysterious Frenchman Etienne play in the dastardly doings? And what about Charles Lamb, a very eligible bachelor

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, also an heir to the estate?

Briggie is lost without her deer rifle and can’t keep up on the standing of her Kansas City Royals Baseball Team. She doesn’t think much of Oxford

, either, and is worried about the effect of this center of secular wisdom on Alex. She is even more worried about Charles Lamb.