Day 8–The Twelve Days of Christmas–Dec 14

99 Cent Classic!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

December 14

The Last Waltz is my magnum opus. Taking thirty years to write, it became the Whitney Award Winner for best Historical Novel of 2009. It is never discounted, and yet today it can be yours for $.99. Here is what the reviews said:

The Last Waltz is a book to savor. It educates; it is filled with action; the tender love story is mirrored in the political conflicts of the day, it is filled with points to ponder, and it entertains.”–Meridian Magazine.

“In GG Vandagriff’s newest novel, pre-World War II Austria explodes with intrigue, and volatile politics that would eventually bring the Austrian people under Hitler’s rule, and a love story that proves that a woman’s heart is as vast as the ocean.

Before reading this book, I’d never given too much thought to those who lived in pre-Hitler controlled Austria. Of course, I’ve seen the Sound of Music enough times to understand that those who did not swear allegiance to Hitler were in mortal danger. Yet

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, the events leading up to this historical time were fascinating. The Last Waltz is truly an epic love tale, spanning four decades of Amalia’s life–following her through triumph and tragedy. She’d lost so much, yet came out so strong.” — H.B. Moore, multi-award winning, best-selling author of historical fiction.

–Heather B. Moore USA Today Bestselling author.

Don’t miss the chance to read this classic now!

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