Book Review: The Captive

By Julie Coulter Bellon

This book reads like front-page news! Bellon’s knowledge of current events and her ability to write them into an exciting, credible story is first rate.

We meet Jake Williams again (introduced in Ring Around the Rosie) and his task force of one American, two Canadians, and an Algerian woman

, Mya who is the key to their whole mission. Mya’s father is one of the best known negotiators in Africa and Jake’s task force relies on her to talk her father into brokering the safe release of an American diplomat.

But everyone on his team is not who they seem, and Mya also has a secret objective of her own. Once started the action never stops.

The plot is Bellon’s special forte and her writing is excellent. The characters are multi-dimensional, the setting so real you can smell it, and the story full of surprises. I enjoyed the book very much and can’t wait for Griffin Force #2.

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  1. Julie Coulter Bellon

    Thank you, GG!