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Spring, 2018



It is my delight to introduce you to my new Romantic Suspense series with the preorder for the first book:
Breaking NewsIf you preorder it, you can buy it at the introductory price $.99. 
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My recent readers have noticed my trend toward suspense in my Regencies. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I have decided to introduce this new contemporary series for a change of pace. That doesn’t mean I won’t write Regencies in the future. It means I will write both! Here is the blurb:

Wanted for a murder she didn’t commit.

A drug lord wants her dead.

Paula James must disappear.

Who can she trust?

Investigative journalist Paula James has been on leave to nurse her dying mother. She tries to convince her father to leave the small farm house which has become a trap after her mother’s death. Strange cars come and go in the night. The wind sometimes carries a too-familiar chemical odor.

A sudden fire consumes the house and her father is killed. A great evil has come to the wooded hills and valleys of the Ozark Mountains.    

Paula flees to reunite with Emmy-Award-winning journalist

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, David van Pelt, for whom she has a well-concealed passion. They are determined to discover who and what has turned a peaceful backwoods region into a place where murders happen, and the local sheriff isn’t interested in solving them.

Together they struggle to elude a criminal whose influence spans the globe. Following leads to Seattle, Las Vegas, LA’s Chinatown, Chicago, and Arkansas, they find that find everyone seems to know more than they do. But no one understands the whole story, and soon David and Paula are in the cross hairs of a killer. As they are forced off the grid to dig through countless layers of misdirection, the two journalists fight the fierce attraction between them.

When they finally discover the truth, it is far different than anything they could have imagined.

An early review:

Brilliant! It’s a great story with incredible plotting and background knowledge with all the supportive details…  what a thrilling ending too… very well done–Pene Horton, Smithers, Canada.


I enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day with remembrances from my dear children and husband.We had a lovely family brunch on Saturday. We now look forward to our pilgrimage to California for Micah’s birthday and baptism. We will also enjoy a trip to Newport Beach with Buffy’s family. They are a very active crew and love to include me in all their games.
My dear sister (also named Buffy) is experiencing the final stage of Alzheimer’s. She has been very patient throughout this whole illness. I would appreciate your prayers on her behalf. She is being lovingly attended by her husband, Bruce, and her five children (especially her son, Jonny, who has taken leave from his job).


The most fun I have had in a long time has been sitting in restaurants plotting the development of Breaking News with my husband, David. Diners around us looked our way a little strangely! I have developed a fondness of hot fudge chocolate shakes and Midici Pizza! 
Of course, for writing breaks, there is nothing like watching the Cubbies play baseball (and winning most of the time).