Twelve Days of Christmas–Day Ten

Today you can buy Balkan Echo, my third Romantic Suspense novel, for $.99 during my Twelve Days of Christmas Promo for Day Ten. It will be a complete break if you are feeling frazzled by trying to do Christmas during COVID!

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An anonymous tipster warns investigative TV journalist Meredith Montgomery that a Serb terrorist is walking the streets of Chicago—a man who has killed thousands in his native Bosnia. The informant fears that his next target is in the U.S.
To Meredith’s frustration

, the FBI is not interested in an unconfirmed sighting of a man who committed war crimes twenty-five years ago, but Meredith feels a sense of urgency. Especially after someone begins stalking her and threatening her life. If she doesn’t warn the public, who will?

She is not without baggage of her own—vulnerabilities and traumas that she is hesitant to reveal to the inscrutable research analyst, Aubrey Kettering, who attracts her against her will. Surprisingly, he discloses that he speaks Serbo-Croatian and has ties to the Serbian community. Determined to keep her safe

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, he attaches himself to Meredith’s side.

The investigation carries them on a terrifying ride into the life and mind of Zoran Duric whom they see as a ticking time bomb. In Sarajevo, Meredith and Aubrey barely escape with their lives, but their peril is only beginning. The twenty-five-year-old war is still simmering beneath the surface. Will its hatreds spill over into America?
And will the tight emotional bond between the journalists mature into love?