GG’s Jottings – April 2019 Updated

In an earlier version of my newsletter, the link to my Rafflecopter $25 Amazon gift card giveaway was mixed in with photos of my grandchildren. My grandchildren are very important to me, but so is providing the subscribers to GG’s Jottings the things I promise to them.

Here, in (hopefully) plain view is the Rafflecopter giveaway. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration you may have felt if you were not able to find the Rafflecopter in my previous newsletter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Miss Saunders Takes a Journey

is off to great reviews!

“I love Ms. Vandagriff’s writing. She catches the time period perfectly, has great plot development and adds humor to the mix. I highly recommend this book!” –Amazon Five Star Review

“Miss Saunders has some lessons to learn about excitement and adventure. She learns the hard way, and her forced partner has some lessons to learn about love.” –Amazon Five Star Review

“Ms. [Vandagriff] delivers a great set of characters who tell a good story As the story weaves its way through The tangles of [Regency] society and its inanities, we once again learn of overcoming ones frailties.”—Amazon Five Star Review

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Spring in Hyde Park

The award-winning anthology I did with Jennifer Moore and Nichole Van is on sale from April 8th through April 12th for 99 cents.

You can buy your copy here

Work in Progress:

I am currently writing a novel that defies categorization. I was so inspired by Kate Morton’s books The Secret Keeper and The Lake House, that I decided to write a novel that takes place in the present day with flashbacks to historic events. I show how these happenings have a modern-day effect on my characters.

It is NOT time travel, just two threads—the past and the present which become intertwined (as they do in real life). It includes a romance in the past and in the present.

No title yet and no cover. But here is a hint: the historic event is the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. I visited Hungary in 1967 and the evidence of the revolution (the damage to the buildings) was still there for everyone to see. The contrast between Soviet-ruled Hungary and the Hungary of today is breathtaking.


In March we had a wonderful visit to California where we enjoyed the fabulous vistas of winter in the Central Valley, but more importantly our was our grandsons’ basketball tournament, among other things!


a Rafflecopter giveaway