GG’s Jottings – October 2018

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The third book in my WOOT TV Series, Balkan Echo, is up for preorder. I hope you will like it! It was really fun to write.


The hidden man watched as Meredith Montgomery unlocked her door in the light of the porch lantern. Her hair glowed a beautiful rich dark red. But she had been digging in dangerous places, opening old wounds. His past must remain buried. He had spent too many years and too much money closing graves and silencing storytellers to allow her to interfere.If she exposed him, the charade that was his life would shatter into a million pieces.
But he knew how to wait. She had been very useful to him so far, helping him to locate the boy. Now, if she could just lead him to the boy’s mother. He fingered the knife in his pocket, his old and silent friend.

Investigative journalist Meredith Montgomery receives an anonymous telephone call informing her that Bosnian Serb terrorist Zoran Duric is alive and walking the streets of downtown Chicago. The caller tells her it is her duty to use her investigative skills to expose him and bring him to justice for war crimes. The FBI is not interested in the caller’s “unconfirmed sighting” of a man whose crimes were committed twenty-five years ago. The caller insists that Zoran Duric is planning to terrorize the Muslims he hates who are pouring into America.
Though Meredith is still vulnerable from a traumatic stay in the Middle East where she became very ill and her fiancé was killed, she is drawn into this potential story. Working with her is Aubrey Kettering, an inscrutable research analyst.
Their investigation takes them on a wild ride into the life and mind of Zoran Duric. While visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia, they barely escape with their lives, but their peril is only beginning. As they peel back the layers of the story, they are drawn closer together and Meredith finds that her heart is healing. Aubrey faces the fact that he might be falling in love. But will this fledgling relationship survive the danger they find themselves in?

Balkan Echo

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The book will be released on December 4th in ebook and paperback (for Christmas gifting!) The two prequels, Breaking News and Sleeping Secretshave been receiving great reviews so far!


It is October which means baseball in this family (at least for 2/3 of us!). Sadly, for David and me the Cubs were eliminated early this year, so we are joining with our Bailey children and grandchildren to root for the Dodgers. They are really into it this year. Natey is even going to be Justin Turner (big red bushy beard) for Halloween this year.

Natey, our grandson, in Dodger Blue!
Natey, the Dodgers Fan
Grandson Henry chooses his pumpkin
Henry loves pumpkins
The girls, Nevey and Astrid, with Spidey
The girls, Nevey and Astrid, with Spidey


David and I will be taking a trip to Las Vegas this month for a writing conference where he is speaking. We are looking forward to a little getaway!