G.G.’s Jottings

July, 2017



Since the release of  His Mysterious Lady last month by Kindle Press, things have been going well! Sales have been brisk, and a new promo is scheduled to begin today, July 5. The book is on sale for $.99 until July 11.  Check out some of the great reviews it has received! You can buy it here.

I have been hard at work this last month on a novella called Much Ado about Lavender which shall be making its debut in August. It is a riotous tale based on the Shakespearean play: Much Ado about Nothing. Lavender Montgomery is Beatrice and her Benedick is Lord Aiken Fairmont. Here is the cover reveal:


After August, I will be doing revisions on Not an Ordinary Baronet, the sequel to His Mysterious Lady. It is Bertie’s story, and there are smugglers! Not sure of release date, but hopefully before the end of the year.



Lots going on now with 4 grandchildren born around this time: Micah (7)

, Neve (1), Astrid (3), Henry (4). Buffy’s boys are involved in competitive swimming all over the Central Valley in California.  Henry has fallen in love with the dance sequence at the beginning of LALA Land. Blessed with a great sense of rhythm, he has invented his own version of the dance. Baby Vika is smiling now, winning all our hearts.

We continue to miss Greg. Several times a  day I think of things to tell him, only to realize he is no longer there. Grief is a long, involved process, apparently.

David had pneumonia recently and hasn’t completely regained his strength. He is beginning a novel–a techno thriller. Hopefully he will be fully recovered shortly

, but I know it takes awhile.



We are preparing for 3 weeks of fun this month as Buffy and her five children stay with us and celebrate my birthday among other things. I will be doing writing exercises with Jack (11 1/2) and Micah (7) who both have been recognized for their writing talent. I am excited to work with them!