G.G.’s Jottings

G.G.’s Jottings

February, 2019


Today The Baron and The Bluestocking is FREE on Amazon! You can order it .Here. 

It will be free until February 8.

My “February Special” is Rescuing Rosalind which will be 99 Cents during the month of February. It was the Regency I had the most fun writing! You can buy it Here

I am about 7

,000 words from the end of the Regency Romance I am writing, entitled Miss Saunders Takes a Journey. It features Arabella, a prominent side character in all the “Three Gentlemen from London” books, as well as Love Unexpected. 

Ta-Da. Here is my cover reveal!



Our oldest grandson

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, Jack, is now a teenager! He has many accomplishments, but the one that is most important right now is that he is a babysitter!

Henry (5) and Vika (1 1/2) come over once a week for poetry and herb tea (and goodies). This last week we absolutely had to read Wonky Donkey. Hilarious! If you haven’t read it, do so and read it to your little kids/grandkids!



It is still winter, so there is no baseball. What do I do in the winter? Binge read! I have read some absolutely terrific books this winter. If you are interested in seeing what they are

, go to my Bookbub profile here  and scroll down to my recommendations.