G. G.’s Jottings

G.G.’s Jottings


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, 2018



My upcoming book Sleeping Secrets is up for pre-order. It will be released on September 17th. Almost every review I have received for Breaking News has said how anxious the reader is for this to come out

She didn’t know her name.
She didn’t remember her childhood.
And the man who was coming to tell her was just murdered.

Paula James recently found out that her whole family had been in Witness Protection since she was nine years old. Now both her parents are dead, and she doesn’t even know why they had been hiding in the Missouri wilderness ever since she could remember.

What has blocked her memories? 

The Federal Marshal who handled her case is killed before he can tell her, which means the threat is still an active one. She and her TV investigative journalist partner, David van Pelt, decide they must get to the bottom of it or Paula will never be safe.

Who is she? Should she try to reconstruct her memories with hypnosis therapy? Could she actually return to where she lived as a child without becoming a target? Who is behind the repeated attempts on her life?

David insists on being her wingman during the hazardous investigation. Soon Paula realizes he is the only one she can trust. But how can she lead the man she is coming to love into the increasing danger that surrounds her?

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We just returned from California where we attended the memorial service for my beloved sister, Buffy. (Don’t be confused–I named my daughter after her.) She died of early onset Alzheimer’s that had taken the last ten years of her life. The speakers were her children and our sister-in-law and it was very tender and uplifting. Afterwards there was a reception. My children were able to visit with all their cousins from my side of their family. It was a very sweet experience for all of us. My sister’s husband, Bruce, has 10 brothers and sisters and all of them came from places all over the country. Many of their children were there, as well. It was truly a beautiful send-off fto the next phase of her life for my dear sister, a valiant spirit if ever there was one.


David and I were able to spend a nostalgic day at Laguna Beach and take the world famous walk across the cliffs above the beach from our old condo to the Laguna Art Museum. It was wonderful. We also spent several hours at a sidewalk cafe amid tropical plants next to a cheerful fountain. I spent so many summers at Laguna with my sister as we were growing up


, that I am sure she was glad we were remembering her that way.