Day Eleven–The Twelve Days of Christmas–December 18

A technical error yesterday means this goes out today at 99 cents

A military hero returns from the Napoleonic Wars

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, determined to marry the girl next door and settle down to a normal life. But the Universe has other plans . . . I am offering this classic Regency today only for 99 cents!

Buy Lord John’s Dilemma Here

Lord John’s Dilemma (The Grenville Chronicles Book 2) by [Vandagriff, G.G.]

“Prolific author G.G. Vandagriff creates a world full of intrigue, suspense, and romance that fans of the Regency Period will adore. Vandagriff writes in a style reminiscent of Georgette Heyer.”–Deseret News.

When Lord John returns from the Battle of Waterloo nursing a serious wound and a case of melancholia

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, he is hopeful of beginning a happier phase in his life. Living with a wife and family,in his native Lincolnshire would soothe his soul. His sights are set on the lovely Miss Lindsay, his country neighbor’s daughter. But to his mystification, he keeps getting distracted by her family’s governess—a little dab of a thing who is not at all what she seems. What is her secret?
His determination to solve the mystery of Miss Haverley begins to seriously undermine his interest in Miss Lindsay, who is confident he is about to offer for her. In the face of this, how can he pursue his interest in the family governess? Not only must he solve this dilemma

, but he must discover what the petite woman is hiding.
When Miss Haverley begs him to resist satisfying his curiosity because such a course could bring her harm, his dilemma doubles. His enchantment turns to worry. He is more determined than ever to rescue her from whatever demons she is trying to escape

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, for Miss Haverley alone seems to have the power to stir him to passion and hope for a new life.