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Get Free Book!
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Very exciting news! You have a chance to receive a free e-book of His Mysterious Lady, my latest Regency romance. All you have to do is go to this link: and nominate... Read More

Three-Day-Only Price Promotion!

From January 25-27 I am offering a three day promotion for The Grenville Chronicles! You will pay only $.99 for this box set of three of my best Regency Romances. Click here to... Read More

It’s Almost Here!

My newest Regency, His Mysterious Lady, is almost finished. It is with my copy editor and she promises to have it to me by January 31. When changes are made, I will be... Read More

G. G.’s Jottings

October, 2016 Work: I just released my trilogy The Grenville Chronicles as a boxed set at 30% off the price you would pay buying these books separately. Is it too early to think of Christmas... Read More